1) Do you require a minimum order amount?
A) Yes, we have a minimum order requirement of one dozen (12 pieces).

2) How do you create an order?
A) If you are ready to place an order, please contact us at (714) 420-7186 or send us an email at info@coastemb.com. Our sales team will be more than happy to assist you with your custom project!

3) Are resellers permit required to place an order?
A) If you are buying items for resale, you will be charged CA sales tax on your order unless we are provided with a valid copy of your resellers permit or you operate/reside outside of California.

4) What is typical turnaround time?
A) Our typical turnaround time is between seven and 10 business days. However, we do offer expedited services for an additional cost.

5) How does payment work?
A) Orders under $500 require full payment before production is started. Orders above $500 require a deposit of 50 percent before production is started. Based on your project perimeters, you will be sent the appropriate information when your order is processed.

6) Do you have a showroom?
A) Yes, we sure do. Feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our sales representatives if you’d like to come in.

7) What can you embroider on?
A) We can embroider all types of headwear, and garments.

9) Do you provide hats, etc?
A) Yes, we can provide many different brands of headwear and garments!

10) Can I find you on social media?
A) YES! You can find us on the social media accounts listed below:

Instagram: @Coastembroidery

​Facebook: @Coastemb

​Find us on Yelp: @Coastembroidery