Customized Embroidered Patches

Your band is finally getting somewhere. Your club is expanding. Your stellar vintage denim jacket is in need of a modern twist. Whatever the case may be, you’re in need of some custom embroidery, and Coast Embroidery can hook you up with the best in custom patches. This is a way to stand out and bring back trends that have continued to stand the test of time—our custom embroidered patches can do just that.

When you have an idea of mind of the type of custom patch you’d like to see created, Coast Embroidery makes it incredibly easy to bring this idea into fruition. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Come up with your design, including logo, color preferences, patch shape and size, and other specifications
  2. Decide on number of patches needed (minimum order is 12)
  3. Submit your design needs on our contact page
  4. Hear back from our team in no time

Your logo and your style deserve to be shared, and the best way to showcase your talents and creativity is through something custom. Our custom patches enhance any athletic letter jacket, backpack, or even just serve as memorable collectibles—no matter which direction you go with our custom embroidered patches, we’d be honored to bring your ideas to light. With our embroidery, you’ll have no problems increasing your brand awareness and enhancing your style from coast to Coast.